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Choosing the right real estate agency in Bratislava is one of the most important decisions that will mean for you if your apartment or house for rent in Bratislava is waiting for a long time for the client and its price is gradually falling or it is rented/ sold quickly and for a higher price. We understand it very well how really important and valuable is your property and how emotional and demanding the process of selling or renting is. Our experienced team will help you to answer your questions and bring you through the process full of different steps to a successful conclusion.

Extensive online marketing

Our unique, extensive marketing strategy brings results. We do not want just to register your apartment for rent in Bratislava into the system. We have a personal and very specific approach to each apartment or house for rent in Bratislava. We have been collaborating with our clients from the very beginning in order to identify and set up the best selling strategy for the best price. Your apartment for rent in Bratislava is visible not only for the Slovak market but it is presented globally. We are constantly in touch with the world through our social networks. Proper presentation of the property is everything. We understand this process, and along with the sense of detail and passion, we are one of the top in our industry.

Professional photos

We live in a fast digital era. Our brain can decide through photos within a few milliseconds: yes – no, I want to – I do not want to. I think no one doubts that photography is very important. It is a communication tool to show your home or apartment to a client. There are hundreds of apartments for rent in Bratislava in offer online and you have a very short time to make a good first impression and to arouse interest. That is why beautiful professional photos while presenting your apartment or house for rent in Bratislavaare our priority. Our real estate agency specializes in relocating foreign clients who are almost exclusively choosing from an online offer. Photos can help them to decide where they can imagine their new home. Beautiful professional photos create positive emotions and clients can literally “fall in love“ right with your apartment or house for rent or sale in Bratislava.

Home staging

Many people answer the question how they had chosen their new home: “It was love at the first glance.“ Of course, logical arguments interfere to selection, but emotion and good feelings from a given space play a crucial role. Just home staging can prepare the real estate to show off in the best condition and the apartment/house has been sold or rented faster and for a higher price. This service includes, for example solid cleaning, changing the furniture layout, matching the colour scheme, adjusting lighting, selecting the right musical theme, and much more to help the client to imagine this area being their new home.

Video presentation

For our exclusive clients, we cooperate with professionals to prepare video presentations that capture both the unique atmosphere of your apartment for rent in Bratislava and the specific lifestyle associated with it. Video presentation will be published on our YouTube channel as well as other personal and professional online platforms.

Tenant screening

We understand how really important it is to protect your apartment for rent in Bratislava. We know that it is best to avoid troubleshooting tenants rather than later to deal with the consequences of their irresponsible behaviour. That is why we offer another unique service, depending on your interests we develop a judgment of a potential tenant to minimize the risks associated with renting. We verify for you whether the potential tenant is a registered debtor, has a permanent income and we check the references from the previous lessors. Based on this judgement we recommend you to sign the rental contract.

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